Budget : M€

Stade : Développement

  • Ann-Julie Vervaeke
  • Ann-Julie Vervaeke
  • Lara Taveirne
  • Earlybirds Films (Belgique)
  • CineMart Rotterdam (2018)
  • VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund) (2017, 30.000€)


When Lilith and Violaine enter puberty, their girl-to-woman transformation puts their close friendship to the test.

West Coast, Belgium, 2016. Lilith (15 years old) is a boyish girl with bruises all over her slender legs. She hasn’t got her period yet, shares a deep connection with her mother Dolores (46) and forms an exceptional bond with her best friend Violaine (15 years old). Lilith and Violaine have pledged to stay together forever or, otherwise, die together. But for Violaine their friendship feels different and she is jealous of Lilith and Dolores’ mother-daughter connection. To feel more powerful, she will confront Lilith with her female, bleeding body.

Lilith believes she has fallen in love with Serge (17 years old), but is not ready for the sexual feelings associated with such love. Violaine, on the other hand, feels her power over Lilith slipping away and therefore has sex with Serge. Lilith is even more devastated after Violaine tells her that she is pregnant. Although overcome with heartbreak, Lilith lets Violaine guide her as they walk towards the cliff side.