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Format : 6 x 52′

Genre : Comédie Drame

Budget : M€

Stade : Écriture

  • Valérie Müller
  • Angelin Preljocaj
  • Everybody on Deck
  • Series Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions


To hide a 3 millions euro deficit he is responsible for, Karl Reiner, the Paris national Opera’s manager hired the choreographer Bibi Angelli in order to stage a contemporary and pop opera. Bibi is the only person able to gather around her the world famous group Mars Attack and the opera singer big star Anton Kutevitch who would guarantee this production popular success. But when Bibi appears in the Family Court, she explains that she is ready to quit her job to take care of her children. The judge grants Bibi an interim custody of her children and orders a social inquiry for the next months.