Granny is a Tree (ex Round and Round the Wishing Well)


Genre : 1er LM Animation

Stade : Développement

  • Hugo de Faucompret
  • Lison d'Andréa
  • Hugo de Faucompret
  • Laïdak Films
  • Dandelooo
  • Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Procirep
  • Angoa
Ventes Internationales
  • Dandelooo


Jeanne, qui vient de perdre sa grand-mère, veut exaucer le dernier souhait de cette dernière contre l’avis de sa mère.

In english dans le texte
In the French countryside, the lovely Doom’s Hamlet is the stage of singular slices of life.
It is there that Jane is sent to her grand mother Granny Onion’s, while her mother Cécile needs time to take care of her depression. It is also there, in the forest, that lives Cloclo, the giant musician bum who has taken Jane under his wing. He will bring her and her friends into an uprooting fantastic adventure.
It’s also the place that Granny Onions finally leaves, but for good this time. Cloclo will be the one reading of her last will, which quickly turns into a treasure hunt organized by the mischievous Granny. Through this hunt, she takes Jane, Cécile and their friends on the tracks of the whimsical memories of her life.
In each of these stories, our characters, are shaken by the weather of life, with all its hardship, but also its beauty, festivity, and poetry. With its heavy rains and sunny spells.
Three exquisite stories to spark joy.

Premier long métrage du réalisateur du spécial Maman pleut des cordes pour Canal+.