Format : 8 x 52′

Genre : Thriller fantastique

Budget : M€

Stade : Écriture

  • Allan S. Tirloy
  • Indie Prod
  • Series Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions (2018)


The year is 2030. Four years ago, a virus from Africa killed millions of people throughout the world. Europe tightened its borders and dispatched scientists to contaminated areas. Eric, a black French researcher sent to Dakar, is one of them. As he’s close to discovering the antidote, new hotbeds of the virus appear in the area, leading to a political coup. In the middle of the chaos, Eric learns that his son, living in Bordeaux with his wife Gaëlle, has been contaminated. To save his family, he has no other choice but to inject himself with the virus and take the wild road back to France.

Un thriller dystopique. Ou quand Les Fils de l’Homme rencontre Dark Mirror.