Nous étions des légendes


Format : 6 x 52′

Budget : M€

Stade : Développement

  • Mounir Benali
  • Abdel Raouf Dafri
  • Birth
  • San Siro Films
  • Series Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions (2021)


1958. À quelques semaines de la Coupe du monde de football, dans le plus grand secret, onze joueurs professionnels évoluant dans les plus grands clubs disparaissent du territoire français…

L’intrigue de Nous étions des légendes entremêle drame intime, épopée politique et thriller d’espionnage.

In english dans le texte
April 1958. A few weeks before the beginning of the 1958 World Cup, which was being held in Sweden, 11 professional players who had trained at some of France’s top clubs, secretly disappeared from France… These football stars, who regularly made the front pages of newspapers, will give up their careers, in order to pursue the ideal of Algerian independence. In leading this battle, these players will only have one weapon – a football.
How will Rachid Mekhloufi, a future leader of this team, manage to unite these players, in light of the tough challenge that is awaiting them ?