Les Lobbyistes


Format : 10 x 52′

Genre : Thriller

Stade : Écriture

  • Nabil Ben Yadir
  • Yves Sente
  • Jerico TV
  • 10.80 Films (Belgique)
  • Series Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions (2018)


Waiting to get a job, Mark Vidal is barman in a luxury Golf of Paris. One day, he saves the life of Geoffrey Morty’s wife, the Marketing Director of Eurosol, a Lobbying firm based in Paris. To thank him, he offers him a position as Junior Lobbyist in Brussels. Mark will work under Phillip Gold’s authority, a Senior Lobbyist with a fierce reputation…The two men will need to get use to each other if they want to serve the slogan : “Here we sell Laws”. But maybe, none of them is there accidentally… Mark discovers the European Commission while Eurosol is shaken by the death of one of its member.