La Ligne (The Line)


Genre : 1er LM Animation Historique

Budget : M€

Stade : Développement

  • Philippe Rolland
  • Stéphane Arteta
  • Franck Salomé
  • Eddy
  • Département de la Charente
  • Cartoon Movie (stade “en projet”, 2024)


In english dans le texte
A project as crazy as it was deadly was born in the early days of aviation in the 1920s: L’Aéropostale. They needed pilots – young guys who had everything to prove and nothing to lose. And all this to honor the promise of faster mail. Jean Mermoz, a young ex-Air Force officer, proves to be the best pioneer of the skies. Against nature and against mechanics, he always delivers mail to its destination. Captivated by his conquests and prodigies, he sees only the success of the airline: Faster. Further. The dawn of progress. But a few years later, with many pilots now dead and the world still reeling from the 1930s Wall Street Crash, l’Aéropostale is at the brink of bankruptcy. Mermoz is forced to question the true meaning of his idealism.