Dans la forêt


Genre : Animation

Budget : M€

Stade : Écriture

  • Joris Bergmans
  • Cédric Babouche
  • Joris Bergmans
  • Cédric Babouche
  • Submarine (Pays-Bas)
  • Dandelooo
  • Vivi Film (Belgique)
  • Cartoon Movie (2019, présenté en concept)


When the Lobster arrives in the forest with a suitcase filled with all kinds of “anger”, that he presents to the animals, he explains which occasion they fit best, so that they can take their pick. But on his way home, in a storm, the suitcase opens and all the angers escape. When the different kinds of anger overtake the animals, they experience that being angry is not bad or wrong, but that there is no joy without anger. And what is more joyful than the expectation of a birthday? In the following story, the Mayfly spots a cloud of rushing, sparkling sand that is making its way to the forest. The Ant tells the animals that the marvelous being is the Birthday. For whom is he coming ?