Bonobo Joe


Genre : Animation

Budget : M€

Stade : Écriture

  • Clifford Parrott
  • Will Finn
  • Clifford Parrott
  • Will Finn
  • Magpie 6 Media (Irlande)
  • Malil'Art Productions
  • Cartoon Movie (2019, présenté en concept)


Bonobo Joe is a family film about a straight-laced bonobo ape paired up with a hare-brained orangutan named Beanie to go on a mission as the first earthlings to step foot on Mars. Their rocket loses power and crash-lands in the jungle where Joe was born. Comedy and high-octane action develop as our squabbling heroes must go on a jungle safari to recover a mysterious alien power source known as Tipsytozium. On their quest, Joe learns who he really is and how he ended up in the space programme. In order to save the Mars mission and the world itself, they must track down a chimpanzee scoundrel who’s stolen Tipsytozium for his own nefarious plan to claim Mars as his planet of the apes !