The Mellows


Genre : Animation

Stade : Écriture

  • Marlène Ranchon
  • Niels Prayer
  • Marlène Ranchon
  • Niels Prayer
  • Maïté Sonnet
  • Supamonks
  • Cartoon Movie (stade “en concept”, 2023)


In english dans le texte
Pwet feels very different from the rest of her tribe of deciduous Mellows. Singing gracefully and joyfully, her little colleagues lay the drops of dew that feed the trees they have to preserve but Pwet just can’t seem to do it. Worse, the single, stunted leaf she finally manages to germinate flies away in a gust of wind. This is the beginning of a long journey for Pwet, in search of her precious shoot. A wondrous adventure in the company of Tut Tut, an eccentric dandelion Mellow, with whom she finds friendship, a whole new world… and herself.