Stade : Terminé

Dates de tournage : mars 2019

  • Magnus von Horn
  • Magnus von Horn
  • Lava Films (Pologne)
  • Cinéma Defacto
Ventes Internationales
  • New Europe Film Sales (Pologne)


Sylvia, a 30-year-old fitness motivator living in Warsaw, has gained celebrity status thanks to her avid use of social media. She has inspired thousands of women to lead a healthier life but also attracted a stalker. When she tries to confront him, he takes it as an invitation for further contact and sends her a video, expressing his admiration. Feeling threatened, Sylvia takes refuge at her mom’s place. But when she is removed from her everyday fame by spending time with her family, she gets on an emotional roller coaster seeking attention. Getting none, she decides to return home, even if it means facing her harasser…

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Festival de Cannes : Sélection officielle 2020.