Small Body


Stade : Postproduction

  • Laura Samani
  • Laura Samani
  • Elisa Dondi
  • Marco Borromei
  • Nefertiti Films (Italie)
  • Tomsa Films
  • Vertigo Productions (Slovénie)
  • TorinoFilmLab (2018, TFL Production Award, 40.000€)
  • Eurimages (soutien à la coproduction, octobre 2020, 340.000€)
  • Industry Village des Arcs Film Festival - Work in Progress (2020)


In english dans le texte
1901, Marano Lagoon, Northern Italy. Agata, a young woman, lost her baby during childbirth, without having the chance to even give her a name. It is said that stillborn babies cannot be baptised: their souls belong to Limbo. Agata is told she should pray and forget, that her life will go on; but she cannot. An ancient legend reaches her ears: up on the northern mountains there is a sanctuary where wise women bring stillborn babies back to life, just for the time of one breath, to baptise them.
Alone, Agata secretly embarks on this dangerous journey with the small body of her daughter in a little white box. Despite all of the obstacles, she is determined to reach the sanctuary. She meets Lynx, a wild, solitary, petty thief who is familiar with that territory. Even though they do not trust each other, the two of them team up and share the journey.
Lynx sleeps next to the box every night, craving to know its mysterious contents, while Agata does not even suspect that the boy also hides a secret.