Sick Sick Sick (Sim seu sangue)


Genre : 1er LM

Stade : Terminé

Dates de tournage : du 28 mars au 2 mai 2018

  • Alice Furtado
  • Alice Furtado
  • Leonardo Levis
  • Estudio Giz (Brésil)
  • BALDR Film (Pays-Bas)
  • Ikki Films
  • Oceano Cinematografico (Brésil)
  • Hubert Bals Fund
  • Netherlands Film Fund
  • Ciclic - Région Centre-Val de Loire (aide à la pré-production 2017, 33.000€)
Ventes Internationales
  • Alpha Violet


La romance adolescente de Silvia et Artur se termine aussi abruptement – par un accident – qu’elle avait commencé. Silvia tombe malade et ses jours s’obscurcissent. Son deuil devient bientôt une quête obsessionnelle pour ramener Artur à la vie…

Un conte romantique et envoûtant qui flirte avec le genre.

English synopsis
Artur bleeds to death. Silvia wants him back.

Dispassionate by the daily routine between family and school, young Silvia seems to move uniquely towards the search of something to make her feel more alive. She believes she has found this “something” in Artur, a young man suffering from hemophilia, who unexpectedly appears at her class after being expelled from several schools. They start to hang out, miss classes, wander through weird places of the city and live an extraordinary routine driven by their increasing desire towards each other. This routine, however, is brutally interrupted as Artur decides to stop his treatment, bleeding to death at the first wound. Silvia falls helplessly sick and sees her life turn into a weird nightmare, floating between voices and images, throwing up constantly and awakening animals around her in an unexpected way. After having her see a psychiatrist, Silvia’s parents decide to take her out of town to help with the mourning process. Together with her older brother (the 30-year-old unemployed and chronically depressed Luís), they travel to an island a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro. There, Silvia meets Julien, a man who lives at a secluded beach since his wife, a rich Brazilian woman with whom he would build the first luxury resort in the region, drowned to death at sea in front of his house. Through Julien’s troubled family history Silvia finds out about the arts of voodoo. This is how the project to resurrect Artur begins.

Autres infos

Sélectionné à la 51e Quinzaine des réalisateurs (Cannes 2019).