Prends garde à toi !


Genre : Animation

Stade : Financement

  • Sébastien Laudenbach
  • Santiago Otheguy
  • Sébastien Laudenbach
  • Cyril Pedrosa (dessins)
  • Folivari
  • La Garde Montante
  • Pikkukala (Espagne)
  • Haut et Court
  • Cartoon Movie (stade “en développement”, 2023)
  • Avance sur recettes / CNC (octobre 2023)


Adaptation revisitée de l’œuvre Carmen de Prosper Mérimée et de l’opéra de Georges Bizet.

In english dans le texte
Andalusia, 1840. Back in his hometown of Seville after 3 years of peddling, 13-year-old Salva, assistant to a blind knife-grinder, meets Carmen, a 20-year-old gypsy woman with a captivating voice. After hearing a prediction that she is doomed to die, he calls on his friend Belén (aged 15) and her small troop of street urchins to help him save the young gypsy. His quest takes them to Lillas Pastia’s tavern, through the narrow winding streets of Seville, across orange roofs and into the dyeing factory with its plethora of pigments; it leads them to an old mine and the misty gypsy camp, the bullfighting square Plaza de Toros, and the galleons moored in the harbour. But as they go about their mission, will they find a way to stop the tragic fate the fiery gypsy Carmen is destined to endure?