My First Family


Format : série de 52′

Genre : Drame

Stade : Financement

Dates de tournage : d'avril à août 2021

Lieux de tournage : France

  • Maya Zaydman
  • Ori Sivan
  • Haut et Court TV
  • Quiddity (Israël)
  • Serie Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions (2020)


Dans une France alternative où l’on ne peut pas avoir d’enfants sans l’obtention d’un permis, Claire, la responsable d’un Centre d’examen parental, découvre sa grossesse et craint de ne pas pouvoir passer les tests qu’elle a elle-même mis en place…

Un drame, une uchronie.

In english dans le texte
In an alternative France, people who want to have children need to obtain a license. Claire, an evaluator working in a Center where parenthood tests are held, becomes pregnant and starts fearing she couldn’t pass the tests she helped put in place.

My first Family is set in an alternate reality, in which the right to have children is not taken for granted and the government demands that people take care of their children before they are even born. The series examines the many bright sides of that, but gradually asks critical questions about the problem with controlling the very basic right of human beings to have children. The series moves forward through its personal stories, all connected to parenthood and parent-child relationships. Society, politics, government are all there, but in the background, setting the fictional tone for the realistic plotline. It will touch and reveal dark aspects of the human experience related to parenthood and family, but it will also reveal the most warm, close, beautiful and sometimes absurd sides of this experience.”