L’Histoire parfaite


Genre : 1er LM Animation

Stade : Développement

  • Nathalie Pochat Le Roy
  • Sabrina B. Karine
  • Nathalie Pochat Le Roy
  • Luca Valente (graphisme)
  • Cheyenne Federation
  • Région Hauts-de-France (aide à l’écriture, novembre 2022, 15.000€)
  • Cartoon Movie (stade “en concept”, 2023)


Une ombre crachant du feu apparaît soudainement sur une petite île où les gens se nourrissent littéralement de livres. Chaque nuit, elle dévore de nouvelles histoires. Une légende commene à se répandre : seule l’histoire parfaite pourra vaincre l’ombre.

in english dans le texte
On the small Island of Ecrin where people literally feed on books, a fire-breathing Shadow suddenly appears. Every night, it terrorises the village and devours new stories. Soon, a legend begins to spread: only the Perfect Story will defeat the Shadow. Louise, a reckless little girl whose mother was killed by the monster, lives with her father George. Overwhelmed by her behaviour, he has decided to send his daughter to boarding school. Louise runs away and breaks into the Shadow’s castle: if she manages to kill it, she will become the village hero and make her father proud. She is accompanied by the cowardly but intelligent Edouard and his little sister, the fearless and cheerful Juliette.