La Main du futur


Genre : Comédie

Stade : Développement

  • Nathan Silver
  • Damien Bonnard
  • Nathan Silver
  • Olivier Heitz
  • In Vivo Films
  • Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Procirep (aide au développement, décembre 2020)


In english dans le texte
In a small coastal town, a big ball is being prepared. All the inhabitants are invited to attend Sara’s 30th anniversary celebration organized by her husband Franck, a very rich and influential man. The day after the party, Franck is missing. Sara, distraught, gets closer to Max, her former lost boyfriend, whom she had left ten years earlier to marry Frank. Max became a private investigator. As his break-up with Sara was still painful, he was initially reluctant to investigate Franck’s disappearance, but eventually accepted it. As the investigation progresses, the clues Max brings back arouse suspicions in Sara: she thinks Max eliminated Franck to be with her. Max, on the other hand, suspects her of having committed the murder in order to finally relive his love with him. Sara hires another competing private investigator, Alex, to investigate Max. The number of alleged perpetrators is increasing, as are the number of murders…