All Before You


Genre : Historique

Budget : 6,6 M€

Stade : Financement

Lieux de tournage : Palestine

  • Annemarie Jacir
  • Annemarie Jacir
  • Ben Frost
  • Philistine Films (Palestine)
  • mk2 Films
  • Snowglobe (Danemark)
  • Doha Film Institute
  • Aide aux cinémas du monde (ACM)
  • Région Ile-de-France
  • Venice Gap-Financing Market (septembre 2023)


La Palestine sous mandat britannique. En toile de fond, ce qui mènera à la Seconde Guerre mondiale. L’histoire court sur quatre ans, de 1935 à 1938, pas toujours d’une façon chronologique. Les personnages sont fictifs, mais la référence historique véridique.

In english dans le texte
Yusuf spends his days moving between his farming village, Al Basma, and his work in the city of Jerusalem, enthusiastically working to find his place in the changing, modern world. Meanwhile, villagers across Mandate Palestine are uniting to form volunteer guerrilla armies to face ruthless British civil and military control of their lands and homes. With the rising number of Jewish immigrants escaping an increasingly fascist Europe and Palestinian calls for independence, all sides spiral towards inevitable collision in a decisive moment for the British Empire and the future of the entire Region. Yusuf’s story is interwoven with those of young widow Rabab and her daughter Afra; the rugged rebel leader Khalid; shoemaker and son of local priest Kareem; the feisty urbanite Khuloud and her businessman husband Amin. All Before You follows their five interconnected stories as dissent intensifies and the British tighten their grip. All Before You is a story of struggle against empire, of land and possibilities lost, idealism betrayed, and the destruction of youthful aspirations. The film portrays the establishment of a brutal legacy that has divided the land to this day.